Book Review

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Everything You Need to Profit From Precious Metals Now

by Michael Maloney


Michael Maloney has broken the book up into four parts. Below is the Table of Content of the book, which gives you a good idea about what to expect in the book. As you can see, most of the book is made up of historic information he has researched about the history of money, currency and gold.

The guide to investing in gold and silver gives a lot of interesting background information on money and currency. I found this information very interesting to learn about, and would suggest to anyone interested in creating wealth to learn more about this topic. The main point is gold is real money, do not get confused with currency that the governments hand out. It is very important to know the difference.

After all the history and background information is out of the way, Micheal Maloney moves the focus onto insuring you are investing is the right type of gold. The main concepts are:

  1. Watching out for scams where you think you are investing in gold however never get to hold real metal you have bought.
  2. The importance of having a plan
  3. Best way to buy gold and silver is to buy the physical metal that you own and can hold in your hands.

I found the book very interesting and easy to read therefore made it hard for me to put down until I had finished the book. A.W.’s book score – 9.5/10


Table of Contents

Part 1: Yesterday
Chapter 1: The Battle of the Ages
Chapter 2: The Wealth of Nations
Chapter 3: Old Glory
Chapter 4: Greed, War, and the Dollar’s Demise
Chapter 5: From Deep in the Woods the Golden Bull Came Charging
Chapter 6: Booms and Crashes

Part 2: Today
Chapter 7: What’s the Value?
Chapter 8:The Dark Cloud
Chapter 9: The Perfect Economic Storm
Chapter 10: Coming in from the Cold...To Cold!
Chapter 11: The Silver Lining

Part 3: Tomorrow
Chapter 12: The Pendulum
Chapter 13: Golden Castles

Part 4: How to Invest in Precious Metals
Chapter 14: Beware the Pitfalls
Chapter 15: Who Are You, and What’s Your Plan?
Chapter 16: Let’s Get Physical
Chapter 17: Everything Is Illuminated in the Light of the Past

Final Comments

I am a big fan of Michael Maloney and I would strongly recommend checking out Michael Maloney’s YouTube channel. I strongly suggest watching his Series ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’. This Series has basically the same background information on money and currency as his book, however I found it for more engaging to watch.


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