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Reading books is the simplest way to grow your knowledge and one of the best habits to create for your own personal development. In most books, the key information can be explained in one page. The rest of the book is fills with what I like to call ‘fluff’ words. Words that fluff up the books pages to make it look like it is worth the money they are asking for.

Below you will find links to books which I have reviewed for you, that will help you with your personal development in creating wealth. These book reviews will include the key information that the book is trying to explain without all the fluff word. Which means by simply reading our reviews you are growing your knowledge that all these book have to offer. And if you would still like a copy of the book for your personal library, I will include a link to where you can buy the book from online.

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver 



Everything You Need to Profit From Precious Metals Now

by Michael Maloney

The guide to investing in gold and silver gives a lot of interesting background information on money and currency. I found this information very interesting to learn about, and would suggest to anyone interested in creating wealth to learn more about this topic. The main point is gold is real money, do not get confused with currency that the governments hand out. It is very important to know the difference.

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