Personal Wealth is Created by focusing on Personal Development



Do you want to create personal wealth? Being a wealthy person in business or having a successful job for a living can be a main life goal for a lot of people. A great job along with a great number of payments, will be the goal we are after in order to provide a better life for our families. However, being a rich person without having a wise plan for our income management will cause a big problem for our finances in the future. So that’s why, in this case, you will need a professional personal development strategy to create personal wealth.

To create personal wealth in some simple and smart ways won’t be easy. According to William Artzberger; “building wealth is a topic which sparks heated debate, promotes quirky ‘get rich quick’ schemes and drives people to pursue transaction they might otherwise never consider.” This sounds so simple and easy but the fact is to achieve personal wealth in a wise way, you will need some perfect moves to make it happen.

Creating a personal development plan is one of the best ways you can use in order to get a better future for your financial. Who else can make us keep our wealth in the wise ways if it’s not us? So start from yourself and get yourself ready to develop and use your wealth in a wiser way.

Here are some steps that you can use to make it easier to create personal wealth

  1. You must make your own income. It is the very beginning step you should do in accumulating wealth over time. Make a stable income before you decide to save or invest your money. If you can get a stable job, then you can get the income routinely. That’s the whole point.
  2. Save your income wisely. After you can calculate your needs and get your priority needs fulfilled, you can save your leftover and get ready to do it routinely. It is going to be a smart savings plan you should have for your future and to create wealth.
  3. After save it then invest it. After you can get a routine savings plan for every month, better invest it prudently to get a better future. By investing it, you will find it in the highest number in the future.

Doing all those kind of things won’t be such an easy way to create wealth. You know well that our needs won’t decrease but increase every day. So the point is that focusing on personal development, growing and learning are keys to creating and maintaining your personal wealth. Build a strong strategy to make sure you can growth your wealth number by doing the smart moves.

Three ways personal development
will help create personal wealth

Understanding those three steps above will look so easy but the fact is that there are a bunch of hidden secret steps you should consider behind those three simple steps and knowing these secrets will make those steps successful. So let’s do some in-depth learning on those three steps.

  • Work well and make it

What you should realise for the first time to have a smart personal development plan that creates personal wealth is that there are two types of income you should understand. The first one is the earned and passive. In this point, we would like to give you some explanation on earned type. So in the other words, you can’t get a passive income without starting to build a solid earned income type. In order to get a solid earned type, we can begin with:

  1. Enjoy what you do. The very first important thing people often forget is to enjoy what they do to reach a solid income. Figure out what your passion is and enjoy to do it. Once you can enjoy it you will easier to earn it.
  2. Figure out what will pay well. Enjoying your job is important but if you want to reach the goal as a success person that creates personal wealth, you need to realise some jobs paid more than others. Look for the jobs that you enjoy and pays you well.
  3. Find out how you get there. Think about out the ways you should choose to earn the best job with the good income. You can start by choosing your education or getting a perfect link to join the perfect job you want.
  • Save your leftover income wisely

Some people will say “I can’t do that, dude, needs are too much and I can’t save my money while I’m running out of the budget to pay my rent” while, this situation is often heard, right? However, what you should realise is that there are always wiser ways to make you save your money and find it really helpful in the future. So what should we do?

  1. Plan your finances well. In this case, you can start to draw your needs calculation or you can find it better by using some financial app. Calculate the numbers of your needs for a month will help you control your outcome and even find a way to find some left over money.
  2. Cut out the fat budget. For example, if you spend most of your budget to eat your lunch at the restaurant, start to bring your own lunch. Two slices of peanut butter and jelly twice a week will save your money a lot.
  3. Adjust your budget accordingly. If you find you spend over or under-budgeting, make a better calculation again. So you can save your money without having another trouble.
  4. Differentiate what you really need and what you merely want. It is actually the most crucial element to success saving your money wisely. Find out what you really need and fulfilled it immediately and hold on for a bit for what you merely want.

  • Invest it appropriately

To be successful when creating a  personal development plan to create personal wealth, investing is one of the smart and smooth moves you should choose. Having your future better with investment will make you being a wise personal wealth. To have a proper investment is good but you need to invest it wisely and accordingly. In this case, you need to consider these things:

  1. Understand your situation. Find out what you really need. Don’t make all your income as an investment and make sure you can find the right number of investment. So you won’t risk other important needs such as tax consideration, household income, cash flow/liquidity needs.
  2. Get the wise and professional financial advisor to determine your appropriate asset allocation. This will be based on the Investment Policy Statement you have devised.
  3. Get a smart and wise diversification strategy from your investment advisor. They will help you to find the right strategy to make your investment safe.

Creating a successful personal development plan that will help you build personal wealth can be a hard thing to do. However, once you can find the right way, thing become easier and start to fall into place for you. Be patient and also realise that everything needs time. For those who don’t do this kind of strategy yet, might question what’s the benefits or the point to focus on personal development when creating wealth.

A smart personal development strategy is the perfect choice you should choose. It is naturally a built-in need for individuals which occurs through the process called self-actualisation (Maslow, 1970). Once you can get a self-actualisation, the nature of personal development will occur to yourself. And to create personal wealth through this strategy will make you get a better financial strategy in the future. Although it sounds delicious to plan a good strategy for a personal development, you must know that without having a true willing, we can’t find a better future with this personal development strategy.

Bonus Tips



Being successful in applying personal development strategy is not as easy as it sounds. You need to realise that there are several things you must do to encourage yourself in order to get a personal development thought. You need to do some practical steps to make it complete. What are those?

  • Organise your time well

Reaching a personal wealth by using personal development strategy is such a hard work to do. However, you need to realise that you are just a human being. You have a family and you have your personal life to take care with. So organising your time is going to be your first concern in order to get a balanced life. Taking care your own financial condition is a must thing to do but do it in a balanced way. Don’t make it as a stressful thing to do.

In order to keep its balance, it is going to be better if you can make to-do lists which you can use it as your schedule. Keep it balance between the time you must work and the quality time you must have for your own and for your family. Don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ for the job that you don’t want to. Love yourself in order to plan a better future for your financial.

  • Making your own Personal Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You know that CV is not only being made when you want to apply for a job. You can make it routinely to monitor your achievement. We need to do this kind of thing to encourage yourself to be better. If we make CV and renew it routinely, we can see our progress and make some better improvement based on the CV we made. So in the other words, we can use CV as a guideline for us to be better.

  • Find out your Transferable skills

So you probably will ask, what are the transferable skills? Well, transferable skills are skills are easily transferred such as IT skills, interpersonal skills, communication (verbal and written), organisational skills, literacy, and numeracy, problem-solving and understanding the needs of others or emotional intelligence. So basically, when you can find out what are the skills you have then you can develop it through the job that you do.

Those skills are the important skills you must have when you want to be a success in doing the personal development strategy to create personal wealth. Once you can have it all, you will see that doing a smart strategy in personal development won’t be so hard. So that’s why understanding yourself is such an important to do in the first place. Once you know about yourself, it is going to be easier to develop it.

  • Record your personal development

In order to get us develop by the time, we need to record it to make a guideline what should we do next. Recording our personal development will help us to find out our mistake and make sure that we won’t do it again. It will be such a crucial thing to prepare because you can definitely use it as a self-reflection in everything that you do. And by recording it, we can see easier our mistake and make it right in the future.

Focusing on personal development with the aim to create personal wealth, is your best choice. It is actually easier because we should do it by yourself, for the most part. Who will change us if we don’t want to be changed? Of course, the only person who can change us is our own. Understanding our personality and skills and then figure out what we want to do is such an important thing to do. So make sure we have a good strategy and know yourself well before start to do steps for success in personal wealth.

To develop a personal development strategy, you must know that organising your life is the main key you should do. It will make you easier to organise your financial if you have such an organised life. Don’t think this strategy as a hard thing to do or you will only find yourself being so stressful. Consider it as a fun thing to do for your better future and you will find your life happier.

Good luck with applying those strategies and creating a better future! We would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below.


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