The key to Wealth Abundance

We as a whole clutch convictions about our identity and what is conceivable. Have you ever asked yourself how genuine are these convictions? I am shocked and disheartened when I hear explanations, for example, these:

“I’ll never be rich.”

“I’ll never amount too much.”

“Every decision I made is bad.”

“I’ll never be happy.”

“I’ll never find a job I love”

These self-constraining convictions keep you stuck in the inadequacy Loop that removes any chance of you being able to live a life full of wealth and abundance.

When you believe that money is not inside your grip, you get demoralized and surrender.
The only thing that can be worse is not even trying!

When you are thinking about a plan to follow, and you realize that you have no saving and you have close to no retirement funds stored. Does this begin to shake your morals and decisions causing you to remain in the never-ending loop. You make a self-satisfying prescience. If we think something is not in the domain of probability, we don’t try gathering our energy attempting; in this manner, it’s not in the domain of reality.

I hear many individuals say they can’t bear to stop their jobs. Also, you know something, they’re right. They let themselves know that they can’t stop and afterwards spend their full paychecks (and use more on a credit card) with that habit they make it increasingly harder to ever stop their jobs. Individuals who are subject to their manager’s paychecks are not free. Yes, I know, I perceive that the majority of you are most likely not free and if you don’t grasp the key to wealth abundance, you never will be.


Yet, imagine a scenario in which I show you that you could be financially free. Would you trust that you could leave your place of employment, invest your energy doing what you cherish, and still get a salary to pay your bills? Most likely not. In any case, ask yourself honestly: What do you have to lose by changing your convictions and embracing an abundance mentality? What might happen when you began to create a new mindset that attracts wealth, giving you the chance to have options in your life.

I challenge you to acquire an abundance mentality, which is the first key to wealth abundance. I trust that you can be financially free and that you can be rich. To make this work you will have to trust this new way of thinking. Change your mindset and see what happens.  At first this will be hard, your thoughts will revert back to old ways, however with practise and a strong mind you can change and create new ways of thinking.

Establishing a mentality that not only accepts but creates abundance,
is the first key to building financial wealth.

For this to work, you should have the confidence and conviction to withstand the many temptations that come your direction and not give challenges a chance to deflect you from accomplishing your dreams. Many individuals begin with the best of intentions to change their habits, however they forget the ‘abundance mentality’ and return to their old ways of thinking. They remain stuck on the grounds that they haven’t moved past their old stories, which are the old scripts, of their identity and what is conceivable. To create abundance in anything you must first change the way you think. Create the future dream in your mind, and the reality will follow.


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